Friday, November 23, 2012

Effects of Technology in the Classroom

Throughout the course of this class, I've learned several positive effects of including technology into the classroom.  One of the more visible benefits is students' increased motivation to learn during lessons.  Technology gives them the opportunity to have control over their learning, not to mention they always seem to have a lot more fun using technology.  Using technology requires certain skills.  The earlier students learn these skills, such as typing and how to effectively use search engines, the better off they will be in the future.  Technology is great in the aspect that it incorporates collaboration with peers.  From my own experience, I strongly believe students learn best from one another, and the more opportunities you give them to work with one another in a team, the more they will be engaged and retain information throughout the lesson.  Technology also helps with completing complex tasks, as it is essential for students to use a higher order of thinking.  From the perspective of a teacher, technology provides them with numerous outside resources, making lessons increasingly fun, interactive, and informative.  When students are asked to write a report, one of their focuses is writing to their audience.  Through technology, they are more able to be aware of their audiences needs and perspectives.  The role of the student changes when they use technology because they begin having a more active role in their learning.  Technology is in classrooms to support students, which means the teacher can work with students who need extra help.  The benefits of technology are endless, and as it continues to improve, so should the advantages.  The graphs below show the benefits of technology as well as the interest level among students.

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