Thursday, November 22, 2012

To Take an Online Class or Not, that is the Question

For those debating whether or not to take an online class, my suggestion would be "Yes."  Just like anything, there are pros and cons, but for me, the pros out weigh the cons.  At the graduate level, students have very busy lives.  Their either working a job, taking classes, playing a college sport, supporting a family, or involved in something else consuming much of their time.  Online classes give individuals the opportunity to do work at their own pace.  Juggling two or more tasks means it is difficult to find time, and ten to midnight might be your only availability.  A personal favorite of mine is not driving up to school, which is about 30 minutes.  Between driving to school and then driving back home, that's an hour taken away from me of just driving.  All the materials are online and can be easily printed out, and discussion boards keep in communication with other students from the class.

There are less cons, but still something to consider when making your decision.  Having discipline to sit down at your computer several hours a week and devoting it to the online class can be difficult for some.  If a question arises, a response will take longer to receive through email than it would simply asking the professor at the end of class.  Taking a class online, there is no feeling of support or face to face communication with students from class.  There is a real loss of a personal connection between everyone in the class, which is the biggest negative for me.

Now that you have read about the pros and cons, it's time for you to decide what is of value to you, and that will help determine whether or not taking an online class is the right choice for you.

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